Principal Message

Vocational training is one of the key element for the labor market to generate employment, to promote workers both personally and professionally. It is also factor in corporate competitiveness and the quality of service and goods.

The TTC also offers modular courses of different occupation/ trades depending on the local and overseas job market. Moreover tailor made skill upgrading course are also conduct on request of employers. Total capacity of the TTC(both regular & special/modular courses) is 2000 per year.

  • Will play vital role in human resource development and help to reduce unemployment problem of the country extent;
  • Will deliver higher quality skill out comes to generate individuals’ employability, increase industrial productivity and support higher standard of living.
  • Will yield positive impact on national economy by employment of unemployment youths and reduce social to some extent;

Instructional staffs will be upgraded on skill, knowledge and attitude by using modern equipment.

March 28, 2017

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